A pioneer company
for Insurance Telematics
& Driving Behavioural analytics

OSEVEN provides insurance companies with world-leading telematics to apply Usage Based Insurance (UBI). By connecting vehicles to insurers through our apps we provide more possibilities for drivers, we produce more profits for insurers and most importantly we make our roads safer.

Based on over 20 years of international research of our well-known team in the field of Road Safety, Driver Behavioural Modelling, Transporation  and Statistics, our main scope is to help insurance companies around the world to
create safe and eco drivers | reduce their business risk | redefine their relationship with their customers


We provide insurance companies with all necessary tools to collect accurate data, calculate risk related to driving behaviour and reward good drivers.


We offer insurance companies smart cost-effective solutions to motivate and engage their customers to improve constantly and become safe and eco drivers.


Together with insurance companies and their clients, we are saving lives, money, fuel, carbon emissions and helping create the “OSEVEN Driver”, the Driver of 21st century for Smart and Sustainable Cities.